Great Smoky Arts And Crafts Community | Morning Mist Village Circa 2005

This site covered everything from attractions to accommodations, dining, weather, national parks, outdoor fun and of course shopping for for folks visiting the Great Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg Tennessee, Pigeon Forge Tennessee, Wears Valley Tennessee, Cosby Tennessee, Townsend Tennessee and MORE.
Content is from the site's 2005 achived pages and other sources)  where we will focus on  the Morning Mist Village, just one of the many attractions in the Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community Area.

A lot has changed in the years since this site was created, but the Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community remains, bigger, and better than ever with a plethora of talented artists and crafts people. With a permanent population of little more than 4,000, Gatlinburg is home to the largest collection of artists and craftspeople in the country.
The official website for the Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community is found at:

Welcome to God's Great Smokey Mountains! Feel free to browse around a bit, and enjoy some of God's creations. Whether it be God's Great Smokey Mountains, accommodations in the Smokeys, shopping in the Smokeys, attractions in the Smokeys, Church's in the Smokeys, dining in the Smokeys, events in the Smokeys, virtual tours through the Smokeys, wedding chapels and services in the Smokeys, information on the Smokeys based Jesus Talk Live radio show, or other Smokies related info, you'll find it here.

We cover the Great Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg Tennessee, Pigeon Forge Tennessee, Wears Valley Tennessee, Cosby Tennessee, Townsend Tennessee and MORE!  All of the above mentioned cities are within 30 - 45 minutes of each other.  Many visitors never visit the surrounding area, missing many great attractions, restaurants, accommodations, beautiful back roads, and some very, very beautiful areas.  We will be adding a tremendous amount of information to this site, as He inspires us, and we believe that you will find many, many hidden blessings within the contents of His website.

The Majority of the merchants that are found on this, are Christian based businesses, and we all feel exceedingly blessed to have Jesus Christ as our Savior!

If you need help to find a Church to worship in while here on vacation, just drop us an E-mail, we will STOP what we are doing, as HE is our life, and glorifying Him is the only reason our heart beats!  We hope that this web site will be a Blessing to anyone who visits.  We ask the LORD JESUS to meet all of your needs according to HIS riches in GLORY.  May you find PEACE and HAPPINESS in HIS LOVE!  




25 years ago when vacationers came to the Great Smoky Mountains, they might have remembered the name Goldrush Junction,  or the Space Needle, however, remembering the names Pigeon Forge or Sevierville would have been unlikely.  These vacationer's spent their time in the mountains, Cade's Cove, or walking the strip in Gatlinburg.  They held in amazement the considerable talents of the Craftsmen, and admired their talents that were handed down from generation to generation.  Many of these Craftsmen were forced from the Parkway due to sky-high rental/leases in the establishments they themselves nurtured into being.  They are not EXTINCT...but simply have moved out to the beautiful, peaceful area known and cherished by locals as the Glades Area! is focusing on this area like no other area in the Smokies, as we KNOW, that next to God's Great Smoky Mountains National Park, this is the most unique, overlooked, absolutely incredible area in the entire Smokies!

Folks, The Great Smoky Arts And Crafts Community is one of the 'best kept secrets' not only in the Smokies, but it is also unique to the entire U.S.!  This approximately 8 mile loop is concentrated with awesome craftsmen & artists, where young and old alike will be literally thrilled to see these folks and their shops, with many of them  making their wares RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES!  This is why this area should ABSOLUTELY be part of EVERY vacation itinerary for the Smokies. 

   We are so sure you will absolutely LOVE this area, that we are building a very comprehensive virtual tour/editorial review of nearly EVERY SHOP IN THIS AREA!  So make some popcorn, gather the family together, and have a wonderful evening of touring through this incredible area, shop by shop, where you can actually PEEK INSIDE MOST SHOPS AND SEE WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN MISSING IN THE SMOKIES!!! EVERY shop will be listed complete with addresses, phone numbers, latitude, longitude, and mileage marker references.  This tour will take hundreds of man hours to build, but may be the most cherished tour we have.  Folks, this area has been overlooked long enough....GET READY for some GREAT FUN and SEE FOR YOURSELF!

     NOTE: There is an official organization "The Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community" (that exists within our covered area,) of which many of these area merchants belong to, and will have the organizations logo proudly displayed on the businesses.  This organization has minimum requirements and requires member businesses to meet certain standards, and is regarded as having many of the areas finest shops as its 



"My grandfather has loved this place since forever! He used to live here and all the merchants know him when we drop by. Even now when we have to drive over 8 hours from where Grandpa lives, he still wants to do it so we make it a multi-day adventure at least once a year. He lives in a great assisted living community in Bel Air, Maryland, where he's closer to my aunt who cares for him when needed. But I always come along on the road trips Gatlinburg to visit the shops and chat with the artists and craftspeople. They make such amazing stuff." Amy Woodruff


Over 25 Of Gatlinburg's Finest Arts & Crafts Shops And MORE!

This 8-mile loop is more than an arts district; it's a window into an Appalachian artist's way of life. See craftsmen and artisans at work in the 120 shops and studio spaces that dot this drive. From copper, gold and Lucite to leather, painting and pottery, this area features compelling work in a true artistic community. This is a great place to pick up souvenirs, gifts and mementos.

Entrance 2017

Don't Miss Visiting YOUR Morning Mist Village!

Located just 1.28 Miles from the Hwy 321 (East Great Smoky Mountains Parkway) & Glades Road Intersection, this quaint village should be a 'must-see' on your next getaway to the Smokies! Park (or take the trolley) then walk to 25+ unique shops (and more across the road and within easy walking distance) where you will find some of the most unique items in the Smokies. A restaurant and even an old-timey soda shop are also conveniently located in Morning Mist Village so plan on spending some time enjoying all the unique shops!

Morning Mist Village
601 Glades Road – Gatlinburg, TN 37738
Latitude: N35° 44.4209' ~ Longitude: W83° 27.6181'

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Entrance in 2005

Alphabetical Listing Of Mall Businesses

Beech Branch Crafts & Signs - Suite 3 DECLINED PEEK INSIDE
Candles By Dick & Marie Suites 15 & 16 PEEK INSIDE
Fountains Of Living Waters Suite 25 PEEK INSIDE
Glades Soda Fountain Suite 20 PEEK INSIDE
Henry Parker Gallery Suite 18 PEEK INSIDE
Jilly Bugs Suite 17 PEEK INSIDE
Morning Mist Cafe Suite 21 MENU
Mountain Stitches By Susan Suite 13 PEEK INSIDE
Simply Twisted Suite 19 PEEK INSIDE
Smokey Art Suite 10 & 11
Smoky Mountain Dulcimers Suite 27 PEEK INSIDE
Smoky Mountain Gold 2 PEEK INSIDE
Tahiti Beads Suite 12 PEEK INSIDE
William Britten Gallery Suite 5 PEEK INSIDE
Wood Cottage (The) Suites 6 & 7 PEEK INSIDE
Wrapped Elegance Suite 1 PEEK INSIDE







Candles By Dick & Marie Gatlinburg TN
(Photo Last Updated Friday - May 9th, 2008)

Click On The Doorway Above To Take A 'PEEK INSIDE'


bullet Gatlinburg's FINEST Candle Shop
bullet Fragrance Oils
bullet Potpourri
bullet Located In Morning Mist Village (Shops#15-16)
bullet This Shop Is A Must Stop, See, And SMELL
bullet Soy Candles
bullet Windchimes
bullet Baskets
bullet Potpourri Pots
bullet Pillows
bullet Fan Pulls
bullet Scented Pottery
bullet Wonderful Selection Of All Types Of Candles
bullet Oil Lamps
bullet Handcrafted By Dick & Marie Pinner
bullet Candles Made From Gels & Fragrant Oils
bullet Handmade Tapestries
bullet Mini Signs
bullet Lamp Fragrances
bullet Frames
bullet Simmer Pots With Dimmer
bullet Soy Tarts
bullet Much Much MORE
bullet Visit Their Official Website Below

(Not All Items In Stock At All Stores, Contact Store For More Info)

Candles By Dick & Marie
601 Glades Road Suite 15 & 16 – Gatlinburg, TN 37738-5464 (865) 430-9148 / FAX: (423) 625-0684
Located In Morning Mist Village






Fountains of Living WatersGatlinburg TN
(Photo Last Updated Friday - May 9th, 2008)



bullet Handcrafted Copper Fountains & Sculptures
bullet Shofar Horn Sculptures
bullet Pond Decor
bullet Copper Bracelets
bullet Magnetic Buddies
bullet And Much MORE


Fountains Of Living Waters
601 Glades Road Suite #25 – Gatlinburg, TN 37738-5422 (865) 247-0062 / CELL: (423) 276-4090
Located In Morning Mist Village







(Photo Last Updated Friday - September 15th, 2010)

Click On The Doorway Above To Take A 'PEEK INSIDE'


bullet Handmade & Custom Furniture



Handmade Dolls






Home Accents



bullet And Much MORE

(Not All Items In Stock At All Stores, Contact Store For More Info)

Jilly Bugs
601 Glades Road Suite 17 – Gatlinburg, TN 37738-5464 (865) 277-7774
Located In Morning Mist Village






Sew Much Fabric...Sew Little Time


Mountain Stitches By Susan Gatlinburg TN

Click On the MOUNTAIN STITCHES BY SUSAN Doorway Above to take a 'PEEK INSIDE'


bullet Kits
bullet Fat Quarters
bullet Table Toppers
bullet Fabric By The Yard
bullet MC & Visa
bullet Patterns
bullet Tote Bags
bullet Open All Year (Mon-Sat
bullet And Much MORE


Mountain Stitches By Susan
601 Glades Road Suite 13 – Gatlinburg, TN 37738-5422 (865) 436-0077
Located In Morning Mist Village







Smokey Art Gatlinburg TN

(Photo Last Updated Tuesday - July 20th, 2010)


bullet Pictures
bullet And Much MORE
bullet Rustic Furniture

Smokey Art
601 Glades Road Suite #10 & #11 – Gatlinburg, TN 37738-5422 (865) 202-5032
Located In Morning Mist Village




**** Safari13332
Orlando, FL
Reviewed 1 June 2004
Lots and lots of arts and crafts
We went to the Great Smoky Mountains Arts & Crafts last year. It was great. I did a lot of my Christmas shopping there. Also, it was just a great time. They had a man playing and singing and there were just all kinds of items If you go to Gatlinburg in October, you should try it. It is for about 2 weeks out of the month, but I do not remember the exact date


***** Getaway17492
Sevierville, Tennessee
Reviewed 19 August 2005
The Rose Pedaler
I have lived in Sevierville for nearly 5 years. A few weeks ago, two of my girlfriends and I decided to plan a day outing in the Gatlinburg Arts and Crafts Community. Although I'd heard of it, I had never visited the area. There are so many wonderful shops there but one really stood out. A little shop called The Rose Pedaler. The owner, Dianna, told us how she cooks rose petals and turns them into hard, fragrant beads. I've never seen such a thing! She actually puts them into jewelry so as you wear them, they smell like roses! She had such beautiful items there. She said that she cooks customers roses for their personalized jewelry also. What a unique experience! If anyone who loves roses visits the 8 mile loop, make this a must see!


***** LoriandWill83103
Baltimore, Maryland
Reviewed 6 September 2007
G. Webb Gallery
One of my favorite places to shop in Gatlinburg is the shops on the Arts and Crafts Loop. It's located just outside of downtown Gatlinburg but feels world's away.

My favorite store along the loop is the G. Webb Gallery. My husband and I found this little treasure my accident on our first trip together to TN back in December of 2002. My husband bought one of G. Webb's prints then and we've been collecting his prints since then.

I visited the gallery back in August 2007 and picked out 2 more prints that I just couldn't live without. Well, one is going to be a gift to my mom for Christmas, but the other is for our collection.

The lady working in the shop is always super nice and I just love visiting with her and chatting. I'm horrible with names so I'm not sure what hers is but she's always there and always so polite and helpful.

The prints come in many price ranges and G. Webb's daughter, Cami, also has some prints in there as well. I saw quite a few prints in there during my last trip that I'd love to have to add to our collection.

With prices so affordable for his prints, we're able to buy a couple at a time so we can change them out with the seasons.

In addition to prints, the gallery also offers books and notecards among other items of interest.

I think that a stop at the G. Webb Gallery is a must-do for all visitors to the Gatlinburg area.


**** LouisianaGoldwing
Reviewed 25 May 2008
Use the Trolley
My husband and I love this area. We especially like using the trolley system to get around the Arts and Crafts loop. You can park your vehicle and then get on and off the trolley as you please.


***** Olineman
Katy, Texas
Reviewed 29 July 2010
Redemption for Gatlinburg
I love the Smoky Mountains. I really enjoy hiking the trails, swimming in the clear mountain streams and enjoying the sites that nature had to offer. After one drive through the city of Gatlinburg I knew that I did not want to stop there. The Arts and Crafts Community however was enjoyable and well worth a visit.

Some of the shops did not have anything special but a lot of the shops here are run by local artisans and artist that do some amazing work. On our recent trip to the Somkies we spent several ours touring the shops and really enjoyed the creativity of the shops that showcased the local artisans. Like a few of the reviews here have said there are some shops that carry imported junk but quite a few of them are strictly local.

I am not a big "shopper" but I always like to take something home from my trips that is locally madeI cannot find at home. It is a great way to experience the true culture of an area and the GSACC Loop does provide that.

If you pick up one of the flyers located around the area on the Arts and Crafts Community Loop before you get there you can pick and choose the areas that you want to spend your time in. We actually came home with some terrific photography by William Britten and a hand made dulcimer.


***** Thor4
Saint Charles, IL
Reviewed 1 April 2011
Great little store that is a must see on the A&C loop!
While exploring the Arts and Crafts loop i discovered a great old fashioned store that sold home made jams, jellies, salsas, apple butter and such. I am a sucker for that kind of thing, and I stop in stores wherever I travel to seek out home made products like that. I've got to say that this shop had some of the best I have EVER had! Their vidalia onion & peach salsa is to die for. I also sampled their pumpkin and apple butters and they were great, too.

The shop is located on Glades Road. The owner, Dick, could not have been nicer or more helpful. Every variety has a free sample available. Hard to make up your mind, they are all that good!

Try this place, you'll feel good about spending your money there.


***** HMin
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Reviewed 29 March 2012
Highland Craft Gallery-A Wonderful Shop!
I absolutely love Highland Craft Gallery located at 755 Buckhorn in the Arts and Crafts Loop. It's a wonderful shop with lots of different media including, but not limited to: metal, fiber, wood, glass, clay and leather.

My sister & I probably spent an hour or so browsing and enjoying the beautiful craftsmanship in pieces displayed. We had already visited approximately 15 shops without making purchases before stopping here, but at HCG I added 3 pieces to my wooden utensils collection, as did my sister. I also saw leather change purses, pouches, etc. made by an artist whose work I've seen, liked, and actually purchased several times in the past while in NC.

The woman who runs the shop, Kathie, is very friendly and we had an enjoyable time chatting with her and learning more about some of the artists who made things. She is quick to greet you when you walk into her shop and even apologized for having to step away from me once because another couple came in and she wanted to greet them before they were there too long.

The shop is on your right immediately after you make the right turn from Glades to Buckhorn. Do yourself a favor and make sure you stop in and spend some time at Highland Craft Gallery while in Gatlinburg!


 “What A Wonderful Idea To Put Art & Crafts Venues on One Giant Loop!”
 Reviewed 16 May 2016
The Great Smoky Arts and Crafts Community is so easy to do and not as crowded or commercialized as downtown Gatlinburg. There are approximately 120 talented artists and craftsmen who are very willing to talk about their particular field. Since you can spend a whole day or two, there are many restaurants that dot the loop with a variety of good things to eat. We saw pottery, glassware, fabric art, oil paintings, watercolors, sculptures, woodworking, antique shops, candle making - basically something for everyone!